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Start Designing Today with Pattern Workshop’s PDF Sewing Pattern Design Course


Join the hundreds of students who have learned to sketch, draft, modify, grade, tile and market their PDF sewing pattern designs in this interactive, online course.


Lauren Dahl | Pattern Workshop

Have you dreamed of creating your own PDF sewing patterns? How about starting your own business selling patterns from the comfort of your home?

For many years, the process of creating technically accurate and beautiful PDF sewing patterns was a best-kept secret of only a few well-known designers. But thanks to Pattern Workshop, you can now learn the tools to start your own PDF sewing pattern design business (or just design them for yourself and your family!).

The course starts with an introduction to Adobe Illustrator and individual video tutorials on all the essential tools you’ll need to get started. Then, more advanced videos will show you exactly how to use your skills to draft, modify, grade and tile your patterns. Next, you’ll learn to digitally draw gorgeous technical illustrations for your pattern cover and instructions, and you’ll put it all together in InDesign to create an attractive, user-friendly layout.

Finally, you’ll learn to navigate the testing process, market your patterns, set up shop and create an affiliate program. You’ll even get lots of printable checklists, cheat sheets and templates to give you a jump-start on launching your pdf sewing pattern business.

Think you might want to have your patterns printed on paper in the future? The course includes a bonus lesson on how to make that happen, too!


Pattern Workshop Testimonial: Abby from Sew Much AdoAbby from Sew Much Ado

As a sewing pattern designer for the past 5 years, my biggest hope for this course was to speed up my overall workflow. My hopes and expectations have well been exceeded. Through professional videos and lessons, Lauren teaches many tips and tricks using Illustrator and InDesign that are unique to sewing pattern designers (her Southern accent is just the icing on the cake) – things that you won’t learn in any Adobe course or YouTube video. Certain aspects of pattern design that I previously found tedious and even annoying have become much less time consuming and even enjoyable thanks to Lauren. The value of this course is incredible for the investment, and I highly recommend it to both new and current designers!

Pattern Workshop Testimonial: Mel from Filles a MamanMel from Filles a Maman

I hesitated to enroll in Lauren’s class because I was used to another program, and I didn’t want to start again from the beginning. But one day, I decided to take the plunge, Oh my! What a wonderful jump that I’ve made! I started the course and I was unable to stop, literally. After 3 lessons, I knew it was worth it. Lauren explains every step in such a clever way. I was able to follow though my Adobe was completely in French. With this course, I’ve gained so much accuracy and speed, and my patterns are much better. I feel so confident that I am also digitalizing for others now. Thanks, Lauren, for having such a wonderful product.

rachelRachel from Golden Rippy

The Pattern Workshop is perfect for any aspiring designer. Lauren condenses 2 years worth of college classes into her self-paced workshop. So if you don’t have time to go back to college but want to learn how to draft patterns and market them, then this class is for you. And if you went to college and already learned how to draft, this class will help you learn the digital aspect of pdf patterns and faster ways to grade. Take the plunge and invest in yourself! You’ll be happy you did!

Pattern Workshop Testimonial: Adrianna from Hey June HandmadeAdrianna from Hey June Handmade

After making pdf patterns for a couple years using a different drawing program, I decided it was time to make the switch to Illustrator. Lauren’s Pattern Workshop made the transition painless and even enjoyable. The best part of these classes is that they appeal to any level of experience. Beginners will learn everything they need to know to confidently make pdf patterns, and experienced users will learn new tips and tricks. I really can’t recommend Pattern Workshop highly enough!

Pattern Workshop Testimonial: Vanessa from LBG Studio/Willow & Co.Vanessa from LBG Studio

Lauren’s course is exactly what I needed to improve my pattern making process! The incredible amount of information covered is so well organized and presented that it is not overwhelming in the least. I have been able to work at my own pace and have learned so many helpful tips in the process. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in digital pattern making; beginners and experienced designers alike.

terriTerri from Sew Straight and Gather

When Lauren says “from sketch to sale” she literally means from “sketch to sale”. I started my own little pattern company with this course, start to finish it was a one stop shop. I recommend it to EVERYONE!!! I am a Raving Fan!


  • 29 online lessons
  • 50 online video tutorials
  • 500+ minutes of video instruction
  • 20+ printables and downloadable templates
  • Standard measurements for misses, children, plus and men
  • Students-only Facebook group with 200+ designers ready to help
  • Mobile/tablet compatible

Hundreds of students – both aspiring and well-established designers – have used Lauren’s step-by-step method to create their first PDF sewing patterns OR to improve upon their current processes. Whether you’re just sketching ideas and have never used Illustrator, or if you’re a well-known designer with several patterns under-your-belt, this course can dramatically speed your production time (and fun!) so you can release more patterns…with less frustration. Click here to view the full course outline. 




  • Aspiring designers who’ve never released a PDF sewing pattern but would like to start a pattern business
  • Designers who are simply “digitizing” paper patterns and want to draft in Illustrator instead
  • Established designers who want to streamline their production process and take the drudgery out of drafting, grading and tiling
  • Those interested in drafting, grading, tiling, illustration drawing and pattern layout for hire




To be successful in this course, students need the following:

  • Adobe Illustrator (Version CC, 6, 5 or 4 – versions prior to 4 are not supported)
  • Adobe InDesign (Version CC, 6, 5 or 4 – versions prior to 4 are not supported)
  • Computer/tablet/mobile phone with internet access

No prior drafting or Illustrator/InDesign experience is required – the course starts at the beginning and teaches you everything you need to draft digitally. You will, however, either need prior manual pattern drafting experience OR a good pattern drafting textbook and a desire to learn. Lauren uses and recommends the Winifred Aldrich pattern drafting series (women’s, men’s and children’s/infants’). The examples in the course are from Aldrich’s children’s book, but the principles can be applied to digital drafting for any body type. Students with a particular interest in drafting for women can purchase the women’s block-making videos separately if further explanation is needed.



Lauren Dahl of Pattern WorkshopLauren Dahl is the Janome-sponsored sewist and designer behind BASTE + GATHER blog and sewing patterns. She also teaches courses on digital pattern drafting on She lives with her husband and three young children in Portland, Oregon, and loves to sew, knit and travel. Lauren also has a master’s degree in advertising management from the University of Denver and many years of experience in corporate branding and online marketing. She brings her students a wealth of information both on the technical and marketing sides of the business.

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