Enroll in Fabric Design with Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop and turn your digital and classical artwork into unique surface and fabric designs.

Do you have sketchbooks full of doodles that would make amazing fabric designs? Is your dream to create your own portfolio of designs to pitch to fabric or product manufacturers?

Or maybe you just want to turn your ideas into fabric that you can sew and create your own totally unique wardrobe. Whatever your fabric and surface design goal, you'll gain the technical skills you need to achieve it in this course!

you will learn to:

I get it. Things are tight right now for a lot of people. But I’m so confident you will love this course (and that it will be worth the cost…many times over), I’m offering you a 14-day, no-risk, money-back guarantee. If you enroll and find it’s not what you expected, or you don’t like the way I talk, or WHATEVER – I’ll refund your money. Period.

Choose the option that meets your budget

Please Note: This course is due for an update! However, due to popular demand, I am keeping enrollment open while I work through the creation of the new version. Students who enroll in this Legacy version will have access to a highly discounted upgrade price once the new course is complete. Target release is sometime in 2022, though I can't say exactly because #momlife / #pandemiclife! -- Lauren

Payment Plan

Lifetime Access Once Paid in Full
$ 39 Four Monthly Payments
  • Lifetime access to course material
  • Self-paced curriculum
  • Discounted access to future course updates

One-Time Payment

Pay in Full for Lifetime Access
$ 129 One-Time Payment
  • Lifetime access to course material
  • Self-paced curriculum
  • Discounted access to future course updates

frequently asked questions

There is no time limit on course completion, and you will have unlimited access to the materials once your enrollment is paid. 

You will need access to Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. 

Any modern computer that is capable of running Adobe CC programs will be fine. Instructions, shortcuts and cheat sheets are provided for both Mac and Windows operating systems. I personally use a 15″ Macbook Pro purchased in 2018 connected to a wide, 27″ monitor for pattern drafting.

There are several ways to get help! First, you can join the private, course Facebook group to get fast, high-quality answers to most questions. You can also make comments on individual lessons and/or email the instructor (me!). While I am unable to provide individualized tech support on a consistent basis (printer issues, software updates, computer problems, etc.), I do my best to help with the course material.

The entire course is pre-recorded, so you can work on it anytime. You don’t have to be present for anything live. 

Not for this particular course. My plan is to make everything fully closed-captioned with the next update and re-release (2021).

I use a variety of teaching methods depending on the topic. Because most of the curriculum is extremely visual, I use a lot of videos and support them with text and downloadable PDF handouts. All videos are hosted on Vimeo and cannot be downloaded. 

You can work on the course anywhere that has internet access! The videos are not downloadable for copyright reasons. They are hosted on Vimeo which is accessible all over the world except for China and Indonesia.

The amount of time it takes you to complete the course depends on many factors – your current pattern making level, how familiar you are the software, how much time you dedicate to watching the videos, etc. On average, I would estimate the course to take a few weeks to months.

This course is perfect for beginners! While I don’t teach the artistic aspect of it, you will learn the technical parts from scratch. All you need is your vision!

The course is currently only offered in English. 

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